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Our expertise, enhanced by the
latest available technology, enables us to grasp the hard skills (e.g., experience, responsibilities, compensation)
and soft skills (e.g., attitude, work habits) that guide a client’s search for the ideal new employee. At the same time, we have the experience and resources to identify the opportunities that best fit the goals of a job seeker’s next career move. We have the ability to search our internal databases as well as the public marketplace and quickly create excellent matches between employers and prospective employees.

Through Brewster Consulting Group, our clients find the right person for the job even as they lower their cost-per-hire and time-to-hire, while our job seekers enjoy access to career opportunities they might otherwise have missed.

At Brewster Consulting Group, we pride ourselves on maintaining the flexibility and creativity required to design and deliver the staffing solutions your company specifically needs.

When your company partners with Brewster Consulting Group, we systematically develop a full understanding of your organization, its culture, and the specific requirements of all open positions. In many cases, we can draw immediately on our existing pool of prequalified candidates. At the same time, our recruiters will leverage Brewster's extensive network of contacts throughout the business community in Boston and surrounding areas to ensure that you can choose from the best available talent in the marketplace.